About the Hotel-Freshfields Taichung

About the Hotel

You’ll realize that the hot spring is very near you, as we have the hot spring nearest to Central Taiwan. Over here, you can enjoy good food, be surrounded by the mountains and forests, and watch the passing clouds. During the daytime, you can soak in the breeze, and during the night, you can stargaze and overlook the dazzling night scene of Taichung City.

Freshfields Resort & Conference is the recreational business of Taiwan Optical Platform Group. Upholding the government’s “Golden Ten Years of Tourism” policy, it has laid its foundation in Central Taiwan, and is committed to providing guests with a “refreshing, vibrant and natural” experience in accommodation and dining. It continues to put in effort in upgrading the hotel and has gained recognition by the national and local governments. In March 2012, it obtained the Certified Hot Spring Logo from the Tourism and Travel Bureau of Taichung City Government; in December, it received a Special Award for Excellence in “Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Hotel” from the Tourism and Travel Bureau of Taichung City Government; and in March 2013, it was awarded the honor of “Five-star Tourist Hotel” from the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Republic of China.

  • 清新溫泉-五星級飯店標章

    Five-star Hotel Mark

  • 清新溫泉-國民旅遊卡 旅宿業

    Taiwan the heart of asia

  • 清新溫泉-台中市低碳旅館

    Low Carbon and Energy Saving Hotel

  • 清新溫泉-hotels loved by guests award winner 2019

    2019 Award Winner

  • 2020 Traveller Review Awards 

Being conveniently located, the hotel is just 10 minutes by car from the freeway and Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station, and scheduled pickup services are also available at designated locations. It is the perfect place for both business and vacation.

About the Hot Spring

Freshfields Resort & Conference’s natural hot spring has been inspected by The Hot Spring Tourism Association Taiwan and Japan’s Hot Spring Research Institute, and certified to be a sodium bicarbonate hot spring. Also known as “beauty springs”, it is a weak alkaline hot spring, and its water is colorless, tasteless and pure.

Hot spring is suitable for relieving nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, and fatigue, and promotion of good health. (Excerpt from Japan’s Attached Table of Hot Spring Analysis Statement)

  • 清新溫泉

    Hot Spring Association

  • 清新溫泉

    Certified Hot Spring Logo

  • 清新溫泉

    Hot Spring Analysis Statement