Freshfields Delicacies-Freshfields Taichung
  • Seasons Restaurant

    Seasons Restaurant

    Reservation hotline: (04)2383-1088 ext.7865、7867
    Buffet style exotic creative cuisine: serves Chinese and Western breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner, various Western creative cuisines. Guests can sit and relax by the French window and enjoy the brightness, and feel at ease both indoors and outdoors.
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  • Japanese Jing Restaurant

    Japanese Jing Restaurant

    Reservation hotline: (04)2383-1088 ext.7870、7872
    The concept of “Jing” originates from the beautiful scenery and beautiful hot spring well. It integrates the tranquil scenery into the food, creating innovative cuisines with fresh ingredients, savoring nature and simplicity with the heart. Prepared with natural fresh ingredients, it brings back the most original spirit of cooking. The tranquil high ceiling space and modern and elegant ambience offer great views both in the morning and dazzling night.
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  • Asian Fusion Restaurant

    Asian Fusion Restaurant

    Reservation hotline: (04)2383-1088 ext. 7820、7824
    High ceiling and spacious Asian Fusion Restaurant has a professional team that produces interesting cuisines. Fresh seasonal ingredients are used to prepare various types of Asian cuisines, which include Hong Kong dim sum, snacks, set menus and set meals. The restaurant also serves an à la carte buffet, providing different kinds of cuisines to satisfy the customers.
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  • Fun Song 99

    Fun Song 99

    Reservation hotline: (04)2383-1088 ext.7820、7824
    Fun Song 99, faces Greater Taichung City. The French window allows one to enjoy the view of the Taiwan High Speed Rail trains passing by, and the dazzling night scene. It has private rooms with different Western and Eastern themes that instantly bring you into a world of fantasy. Guests may book a room for banquet, party, singing or a romantic proposal.
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  • Trae Café

    Trae Café

    Reservation hotline: (04)2383-1088 ext.7819
    Realizing a pure, simple and comfortable lifestyle Being at ease is the persistent desire of the soul; enjoying life does not require complex thoughts The radiance of happiness slowly emerges from the coffee cup and smiling eyes Serving beverages, mixed drinks, cakes and desserts, and handmade bread at 11 am Savor the diverse selection in the spacious and carefree space
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