Terms of use-Freshfields Taichung

Privacy policy

Freshfields Resort & Conference (hereinafter referred to as “Freshfields”) highly values the protection of your personal information and privacy. We will collect, process and use your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant regulations. If you do not agree with the privacy policy in whole or in part as set forth on this Website, you should stop using the services provided on the Website.

  • I. Applicable scope of the privacy policy
    Prior to your use of the services provided on the Website, please be sure that you have already perused all of the clauses set forth in the privacy policy, and agree to all of them. If you disagree with any of the clauses, please do not use the services provided on the Website. The privacy policy only applies to the Website’s collection, processing and use of your personal information. It does not extend to other companies or individuals not owned or controlled by Freshfields. Through the links provided by the Website, you may access a website run by a third party unrelated to Freshfields. If this is the case, the personal information collected by the accessed website is processed and used in accordance with the privacy policy specified by the respective website, regarding which Freshfields will not be held responsible or liable whatsoever.
  • II. The following items shall be informed as required by the Personal Information Protection Act
    • Collection purpose: To provide the Company with the information for related services, marketing, customer management, and other marketing and promotion activities in cooperation with third parties.
    • Personal information categories: Name, address, contact phone No., e-mail address, gender, corresponding e-mails., website message, data in the system log files, etc.
    • Personal information users: The Company and its outsourcing subcontractors (e.g. the firms offering logistics, cash flows or activity gifts, or exhibition articles). If the information is jointly collected by the Company and other firms, it shall be specified in the joint collection activity.
    • Method of personal information usage: Use the information in accordance with the scope of collection and purpose, and in compliance with the privacy policy.
    • Explanation of personal information optional items: When the Company collects personal information, if it is an optional information item as specified in relevant webpages or documents, its purpose is only to offer better user experience on the Website and will not affect your rights and interests in using the Website.
  • III. Explanation of collection, processing and use of personal information
    Through Facebook and similar social network service systems, Freshfields may publish its official Website information on your social network activity information page after obtaining your consent. If you do not agree to such publication of the information, please do not click “I Agree”, or you may remove such information or disallow the Website to continue publishing the related information through the membership mechanism of the social network service system in question. If you have any questions, you may directly contact us for assistance. Except for providing your personal information to the juridical and investigation agencies and competent authorities by law and to the subcontractors of Freshfields for use within the scope required for the execution of related activities after obtaining your consent, Freshfields will never discretionarily offer your personal information to any irrelevant third parties.
  • IV. Confidentiality and security
    Freshfields’ employees can only have limited access to your personal information within the scope of providing products or services for you. To protect the safety of your account and personal information, please do not discretionarily reveal your personal account No. and password to any third parties or allow a third party to apply for an account and/or password with your personal information. Otherwise, you will be held accountable for any related results. If your account No. and password are likely to be divulged to others, please promptly change your password or notify the Website to suspend the account No. (If this is the case, this Website may request to verify your personal information). As the Internet is not a safe environment for information transmission, please avoid offering your sensitive personal information to others or publicly disclosing it online when using the Website.
  • V. Protection of minors
    This Website is not intended for use by minors/children. For a minor using the Website, his/her personal information shall not be collected and used unless consent is obtained from his/her legal representative or guardian in the first place. The minor’s legal representative or guardian may request Freshfields to suspend collection, processing and use of the minor’s specific account No. as well as related personal information at any time.
  • VI. Privacy policy amendment
    In case of any amendment to the privacy policy, the Website will notify you of the relevant material change through the e-mail address provided by you or through text message, and announce the amendment on the Website. If you do not agree to such change or revision, please stop using the services provided on the Website and follow the privacy policy to notify Freshfields to stop collecting, processing and using your personal information.