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At Freshfields, meeting training can be like in a vacation. Freshfields provides complete training services comprising exquisite guestrooms, hot spring, cuisine, and meeting training, making the meeting a form of enjoyment, and increasing its benefits.

International Banquet Hall

The International Ballroom is located in B2, and guests can take the dedicated escalator to the venue, where they are welcomed with the view of Greater Taichung. The banquet hall has a floor area of nearly 595.04 square meters (180 ping), and includes the Sun, Moon and Star halls; the space can be used flexibly. The grand and elegant crystal chandelier lights up the 4.8 meters high and column-free grand banquet hall, and makes it ideal for holding a banquet, meeting, training, product release, etc. Perfect grand banquets can be easily held in this hall which can accommodate up to 500 people. Meeting equipment provided includes whiteboard, projection screen, broadband internet, microphone, laser pen, mineral water, photocopier, fax machine, computer, refreshment, and other rental services.


Function Room Banquet Hall Sun Room or Star Room Moon Room Sun&Moon Room or Star&Moon Room
Area Length 17.5 m 17.5 m 17.5 m 17.5 m
Width 28.2 m 9.3 m 9.6 m 18.9 m
Celiling Height 4.8 m 4.8 m 4.8 m 4.8 m
Square Meters 516 166 184 350
Chinese Ping 171 55 61 116
Type of Banquet Chinese Banquet / Table / 10 People 32 Table 10~12 Table 10 Table  14~18Table
Buffet/Cocktail/Reception 200 People 80~100People 80 People 150 People
Type of Meeting Classroom Style 300 People 81 People 80 People 120 People
Theater Style 500~600 People 150~200 People 150 People 280 ~300People
08:00 - 12:00 NT$ 90,000 NT$ 30,000 NT$ 30,000 NT$ 60,000
Rental 13:00 - 17:00 NT$ 90,000 NT$ 30,000 NT$ 30,000 NT$ 60,000
18:00 - 22:00 NT$ 120,000 NT$ 38,000 NT$ 38,000 NT$ 76,000

For early usage of room, one-third of the fee is chargeable per hour usage, based on the hotel’s discretion.
For extension of room usage, one-third of the fee is chargeable per hour, based on the hotel’s discretion.
Screen, whiteboard, 1 podium, 2 microphones, water for meeting and wireless internet service are provided free of charge.